Core International Tax Consulting

International tax is ever-changing, with evolving rules, complex regulations, and a need for local focus. Our dedicated core international tax team provides the perspective and experience necessary to overcome the plethora of challenges and develop a tax efficient business. Below is a variety of relevant services that we offer for the global markets as well as specifically to the U.S. market:


  • On-call tax services
  • Permanent establishment
  • Royalty WHT
  • Transfer pricing
  • Holding structures
  • Finance
  • CFC


  • Sec. 382 losses
  • Holding structures
  • Finance
  • Equity compensation
  • CFC, Subpart F, Sec. 956
  • PFIC

Transaction Tax Services

Behind major corporate transactions there is an immense amount of planning and detailed execution. Our Tax Transaction Services help clients plan, manage and execute major deals from a tax perspective. We work closely with boards, key executives, bankers, and senior advisors in the following key services:

  • Pre-deal evaluation & Tax due diligence
  • Structuring of cross-border transactions
  • Contract assistance

Tax Compliance

Managing tax compliance needs for corporations has become increasingly dificult with changing requirements and regulations and the need for local specializations. Our tax compliance professionals focus on supporting companies with their tax compliance needs in both U.S. (federal and state) and Israel, as well as any other global tax reporting needs.

Tax Accounting

Financial restatements, increased regulatory scrutiny over income tax disclosures and account balances, as well as new reporting considerations and standards have increased the needs for tax accounting. Our experienced tax accounting team assists public companies in managing the increased strain on tax accounting and reporting for companies. Our technical tax accounting services include amongst other:

  • Tax provision preparation
  • FIN 48 analysis

Human Capital

Changes in the tax environment may result in both opportunities for you and compliance requirements. Our specialized human capital team keeps abreast of these changes to provide you with advice that may minimize tax payments. Planning is the foundation of our work. Count on us for creative and objective planning and guidance related to the following:

  • Equity compensation
  • Tax aspects of relocation
  • Working visas
  • U.S. FBAR (FinCEN 114)

Economic Analysis

Sound transfer pricing policies can serve as a significant asset to a company. Our economic analysis experts offer practical advice which can produce huge benefits in the form of a competitive and sustainable tax rate, and leave the company well positioned to defend against tax audits. Our economic analysis services include:

  • Transfer pricing studies and reports
  • Sec. 409A valuations

Andersen Tax | Beneli is a group of 10 licensed attorneys and certified public accountants in Israel most with Big Four experience, providing foreign and domestic tax consulting and compliance services.

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